Peel & Seal - Hot Melt Sealer
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(One-Touch Seal Shuttle Feeder)

This machine is designed to apply hot melt coatings or double-sided tape to envelopes. Since unlike more traditional machines the envelopes are fed in on a straight line it can handle a wide range of paper, thick to thin.


1) Machine
Measurements of Machine W1190 x H1550 x L4770
Weight of Machine 1.8 t
Installation Area W1970 x H1550 x L4770
Seal Cut Measurements 287-75 m/m
Seal Width 18,21,25 m/m
Glue Width 10 m/m
Double-Sided Tape Width 10,15 m/m
Production Capacity MAX 250 pcs/min - MIN 100 pcs/min

2) Electricity
Main Moter 1.5 kw
Saction Pump 0.75 kw - 2 pcs
Seal Sending Moter 100 w
Seal Brake Moter 100 w
Compressor 0.75 kw, 5 kg/cm2
Hot Melt Tank 4 kw
Overall Power Consumption 9.5 kw
Primary Power Source 60 A

Applicable Type and Size of Envelopes