Q. Which machine can cover my Envelope Sizes?

A. Refer to the following tables;

Wallet Envelopes (mm)
M/C No. Min. Max.
T-150B 65 x 90 150 x 280
T-150B-1 60 x 90 150 x 280
Banker Envelopes (mm)
M/C No. Min. Max.
T-150B 75 x 120 150 x 235
Pocket Envelopes (mm)
M/C No. Min. Max.
T-130 70 x 35 267 x 125
T-190 142 x 80 332 x 190
T-240 185 x 90 267 x 125
T-310 142 x 80 332 x 250

Q. What is the Price Range of the machines?

A. Approximately USD 150,000 - USD 300,000 FOB Japan port.

Q. Leadtime? How long do I have to wait before shipment?

A. Please wait for 4 - 5 months before shipping. We start building up a machine after your order with initial payment. So, it will be possible that we customize the machine somehow for your special needs.

Q. How do you provide After-Sale Service for me?

A. Every machine has one year guarantee, and our engineer will visit you to fix the machine if necessary. Also, we install some spare parts with your new machine.

Q. Do you have a dealer in my country? Can I see your machines somewhere in my country?

A. We don't have any dealer outside of Japan. You can see the video of some of our machines on this website.
If possible, please visit us in Japan. In our factory in Tokyo, usually there is no finished machine for demonstration, but instead, we will show you Tamamoto machines working in our customers' factories. You are always welcome, and it is even possible for us to pay for some of your travel expenses.

Q. Can you come to set up and teach us the instruction of the machine?

A. It is possible, but option. We recommend you to come for final check and inspection just before shipment, and we give you the guidance how to set up and how to operate the machine then.